See the World's Longest Walking Trail

It's no secret that Canada is a popular destination for winter sports and activities. What you may not be aware of, is that for 24 years now, it has also been home to the world's longest recreational walking trail – The Great Trail.

It began as a bold dream in 1992 with the idea of creating a trail that would be a gift from Canadians, to Canadians. Since then, the not-for-profit organisation Trans Canada Trail (TCT) has been working with donors, partners, governments, public and private landowners and volunteers to make this dream a reality.

Spanning from coast-to-coast, every Canadian province and territory is home to a section of The Great Trail, which is owned and operated at a local level. It links over 15,000 communities on its path and is the easiest and greatest way to experience the vast Canadian landscapes all year round.

Image: Ridge Road Heritage Trail, Greg Skuce, Yukon Government

Image: Toronto Waterfront Trail

This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Great Trail. It is also the year the planned expansion northwest to the edge of the Alaskan border and into the Arctic Circle is due to finish up. Once the latest developments are finished (towards the end of 2017), The Great Trail will run for a massive 24,000km and will link three oceans – the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic.

The Great Trail is widely accessible to 80% of Canadians in just 30 minutes and it's not only for walking enthusiasts. It suits a range of recreational activities – from long distance walking, hiking and trekking, kayaking, cycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

Image: Banff Legacy Trail in Banff National Park, Lake Louise Tourism

Image: Les Grandes Fourches Trail, Clive Weber

As the trail is yet to be completed, no one has finished it in full. But with a new adventure around every bend, a keen adventurer is bound to take up the challenge. If you're taking a trip to Canada, take some time out to explore this incredible trail. You can explore the map and plan your adventure on The Great Trail website.

To find out more about The Great Trail and stay up to date with the progress of the new developments check out or follow the Instagram and Facebook pages.

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Chris Nonis

WOW The Great Trail, 24,000km in beautiful Canada, now that would be a magical experience.

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This looks great would LOVE to do the whole lot one day

Grahame Schofield

The Great Trail, 24,000 kilometers, wow, that would be some hike!

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