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Skiing in Aspen, Colorado

Quick Facts

Your next adventure: Aspen, Colorado

Where in the world?: USA

Activity: Skiing

Difficulty: Aspen has slopes that suit everyone from beginners to the most experienced skiers. Moderate fitness required.

Wrap up: No matter what you're into, you won't be disappointed by what Aspen, Colorado has to offer. Skiing in Aspen is suited to families, beginners and the experienced.

A bit about Aspen…

There is something for everyone in Aspen, you get 4 separate mountains only 20-25 minutes away from each other and are all connected by a free bus. That is the same as having Mt Buller, Mt Hotham, Perisher and Thredo all next to each other and you only need one ticket!

For beginners, Buttermilk is where you should head; you'll enjoy some of the most progressive parks and pipe terrain, or for long cruisers head out to Snowmass.

If steeps are your cup of tea, head to Highlands and explore Deep Temerity and steeplechase areas.

Aspen Photo 4.JPG

After that, if you have energy and are up for a short hike, take a walk up to the top of Highland Bowl where the views are amazing and the skiing is as good as it gets. Lastly, but not least make some turns on Aspen (Ajax) mountain and explore some of the mines and shrines that are scattered all over the place. Aspen mountain is almost hollow, a byproduct of the silver mining era, ask locals and you might be lucky enough to tour an old mine.

There is a lot to do and see in Aspen.Take the time to learn your way around the different mountains and then come back to the ones you like the most.

When to go and what to expect…

Ski Season begins in Aspen towards the end of November and the lift spins all the way through to mid-April. November is the early season and snow can be spotty, but by January the snow is well established.

February is an excellent month to ski, the snow is generally great and temperatures are warmer.

March is traditionally the snowiest month of the season, but big storms can hit. When large storms move in from the west, it can soon swallow all the mountains, but wait a couple of days and you will see the Rockies coated in a fine white blanket of the most delicious powder on earth!

Things to do and see (other than skiing)

When in Aspen the fun does not finish at 4pm when the lifts shut, stroll around and explore the gorgeous town. There is no shortage of local watering holes for a quiet one after finishing a ski day. If the little ones still have energy, take them to the Aspen Recreation Center (ARC) where they can ice skate, swim and rock climb all under one roof.

You cannot miss the Wheeler Opera House, the oldest building in Aspen, dating back to 1882.

If you're after some action, come in late January and watch the Winter X Games in Aspen's Buttermilk Mountain, all events are free. Athletes from all over the world compete in events such as Super Pipe, Ski Cross, Big Air, and Snow Mobile Big Air.

Gear Tips...

If you have ski boots, bring them…

Unless you're a ski fanatic and are attached to you skis by the hip, leave them at home and rent some demo skis. Traveling with skis is a hassle and can be extremely expensive. Rental skis are affordable and depending on snow conditions you will want to have different skis under foot.

Layering, Layering, Layering! Bring more than you think you'll need and get ready to add them and take them off again! Check out fleece and puffer jackets.

A hydration pack is a great idea. Since exercising at altitude may be different to what you are used to, keep yourself well hydrated to make for a much more enjoyable holiday!

Thanks to…

Cesar Piotto for writing the article. Cesar has been part of the MD Community for many years. He has lived in Aspen for more than 10 years. During winter Cesar works as a Ski Pro and trainer for the Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen and in the summer he is a Raft and Mountain Bike Guide.

For up to date information on Aspen, Colorado please check with Aspen Tourism.

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