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Keeping Warm, Dry, and Protected in the Outdoors

We love the outdoors, and chances are if you’re reading this, you probably do too.  Along with all the beautiful wonders of the outdoors also come the elements that can lead to discomfort and health risks if you’re not prepared for them.  Here are a few tips on how to stay warm, dry and protected in the outdoors so that you can spend your energy doing the things you love!

Staying Warm

There is nothing worse than feeling your body shiver and wishing you had packed that little extra insulator or took some of these tips!  See our little pointers below on keeping warm so you don’t get caught out next time – it’s easier to stay warm than it is to get warm!


  • - Keep dry - water not only absorbs body heat but cools you down additionally when evaporating
  • - Block the wind - it carries away precious body heat
  • - Layer your clothing - spaces between the fibres trap body heat
  • - Adjust clothing layers according to your physical activity - remove one before taking off to avoid sweating, add one after stopping to prevent cooling out!
  • - Eat regularly - recharge your batteries
  • - Keep hydrated - replace lost fluids
  • - Wear a hat/scarf - up to 50% of body heat is lost through the head and neck
  • - Allow for good circulation - make sure your socks, boots and gloves are not too tight so your blood can keep your toes and fingers warm from the inside
  • - Sleep warm - prevent energy loss overnight

Staying Dry

Whether you’re out on the trail, braving it on the fishing boat, cycling through the fog, or exploring a new city on a rainy day, staying dry will keep your spirits intact and let your body perform to its utmost.

For complete rain protection without compromising your movement or choice of activity, we recommend rainwear in the form of a hooded jacket and pants. 

Rainwear shields you from water. Light rainwear is an easy-to-pack item that protects
you from showers in the open. Choosing heavier rainwear means you trade
breathability for more effective rain protection. Decreased breathability means
that heavy rainwear is not suitable for physically challenging activities --
you would soon be drenched in sweat, which is quite dangerous in cold
environments.  Look out for the ‘Active’ GORE-TEX jackets if you’re
looking for protection while trail running or similar.

The length of a rain jacket also depends on the expected activity.  Coats and ponchos are great for travel, but jackets are more suitable for active endeavours.

When choosing rainwear it is useful to look for:

  • - Fully taped seams
  • - Zipper flaps
  • - Roomy cut
  • - Volume adjustable hood (to accommodate a helmet, if needed)
  • - Rain-shedding brims