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Mountain Designs turns 40 years old this year and we want to start the celebrations! We’ve come a long way since 1975 when our founder and mountain climbing adventurer Rick White started selling high quality outdoor gear from his suitcase. Frustrated by the lack of quality, multi-functional gear available for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels, his vision embodies what Mountain Designs is today. 

As a big “Thank You” to our Mountain Designs Alliance Club members and to celebrate our 40th Birthday, we would like to offer our amazing Alliance Club Members the chance to receive a $40 voucher when they spend over $200!* 

Ok, first you need to be a Mountain Designs Alliance Club Member (anyone can join in-store or online). You also need to make sure we have a valid email address for you and your permission to contact you via email. 
Next, just come into one of our Mountain Designs stores over the first 7 days of our new Easter Promotion (between Thurs 12th March to close of business Wed 18th March), spend $200 or more and Mountain Designs will email you a voucher valued at $40 (incl. gst) to come back and use any time during the month of April 2015. 
IMPORTANT: Unfortunately our Mountain Designs our Online store and our Factory Outlet stores are not a part of this promotion. Please see excluded stores in the legal stuff below. 

OK, SO WHAT’S THE CATCH? (Well…it’s a $40 Voucher so there are just a few)
  • There are a few legal thingies below
  • We do need to be able to verify you and your voucher at store level and 
  • You do need to spend at and purchase from a participating Mountain Designs store but in return, you get $40 to spend with us again in April! Cool huh. 
Yep, your voucher will be worth up to $40 (incl gst) that you can use towards purchasing whatever Mountain Designs products you like however big or small your purchase is. 

*Now the stuff the legal eagles like…it’s not exciting but you should read it anyway. 
  • $40 Vouchers are only redeemable for in-store purchases during the month of April 2015 at participating Mountain Designs stores. 
  • Mountain Designs Online store and our Factory Outlet stores are not a part of this promotion. 
    1. $40 Vouchers cannot be obtained from purchases made on our Online store and from our Factory Outlet stores. $40 Vouchers cannot be used for Online purchases or purchases at Factory Outlet stores. 
  • $40 Vouchers can only be sent to Alliance Club members who have a provided Mountain Designs with: 
    1. a valid email address 
    2. permission to send marketing and promotional content to that email address 
  • $40 Vouchers can only be sent via email and will be emailed prior to April 2015. 
  • The initial spend of $200 or more can constitute any items we have for sale including red ticket / clearance items. 
  • To redeem $40 Vouchers at store, consumers will be required to show staff: 
  •  1. A copy of the $40 Vouchers they were sent; and 
  • 2. Their Alliance Club Member card or a valid ID such as Drivers License 
  • $40 Vouchers are only valid for one use and must be verified in-store during a purchase in April. 
  • $40 Vouchers can be applied against the cost of any purchases up to a maximum of $40 including GST regardless of the total purchase price. Customers are responsible for that balance of purchase costs that exceed the value of $40 including GST. Customers forfeit any remaining balance of voucher if total purchase cost does not reach $40 including GST. 
  • $40 Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, credit or used for rainchecks. $40 Vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferrable. 
  • $40 Vouchers cannot be redeemed for the purchase of gift cards. 
  • Mountain Designs reserves the right to refuse or cancel $40 Vouchers if the voucher has been tampered with in any way that contravenes its purpose as reasonably anticipated. 
  • Mountain Designs is not responsible for any unforeseen technical difficulties that may arise in the transmission to and receipt of the $40 Voucher to Alliance Club Members.
  • Mountain Designs locations not participating in this promotion are: 
    • QLD 
      • Brisbane DFO - DFO Shopping Centre, 1 Airport Drive, Hendra, QLD, 4011
      • Harbour Town - Harbour Town Shopping Centre, 147 Brisbane Road, Biggera Waters, QLD, 4215 
    • NSW 
      • Auburn - Redyard Outlet Centre, 100 Parramatta Rd, Auburn, NSW, 2144
      • Chatswood Outlet - Westfield Shopping Centre, Chatswood, NSW, 2067 
    • VIC
      • Collingwood Outlet - 412 Smith Street, Collingwood, VIC, 3066 
    • SA 
      • Adelaide Outlet - Basement Level 187 Rundle Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000 
    • WA 
      • Perth Watertown - Harbour Town, 840 Wellington Street, West Perth, WA, 6005
    • Other 
      • Mountain Designs Online Store